Some comments from our satisfied Customers:


Just wanted to thank you for going above and beyond when it comes to selling tickets...the gift card is great and you rock for taking the extra time to put it together...if i'm looking for tickets in the future i'll definitely check with you first...

thanks again,

John T.

Sorry I missed your call. I had my accountant send the check out today. so you should get it on Sat... Hope that was O.K.  Call me when you get it. and thanks for your patience.  I owe you a cold one.  business is good thanks for asking, and you take care. and I will talk to you soon.
Joe C.
I thank you VERY much for doing this.  Hopefully we'll do business again in the near future.
Best, Kathy

Wow, you guys are good. Hope to be doing business with you again.. 
Thanks a lot.. go Niners

Jaime M.
Thanks! I will definitely refer you to others and refer back to you  in the future!

Will L.

Editor's note: Here is an email from a ticket broker in Canada to his client.  We assisted Jeff with tickets for one of his other clients.     

-----Original Message-----

From: Jeffrey C 
Sent: Thursday, September 29, 2005 9:15 AM
To: Ben 
Cc: info@49erTickets4sale.com
Subject: RE: San Fran Tickets

I do not personally have any additional tix to this game although you should check out:  http://www.49erTickets4sale.com

He is the single best broker of tickets for 49er tickets. His website is excellent showing the exact location of the seating he has available.

His service is excellent and tickets will arrive to your attention very quickly.

I have provided his email address in cc line to help initiate the communication. 


Jeff C.

Received them. They look awesome, thanks for your help.

Ben G (Jeff's referred client)
10/16/05  Thank you so much!!  AGAIN, thank you for your understanding.  It was wonderful doing business with you.  dk
11/17/05: Thanks for your honorable approach.  I will be sure to use your site again.  Regards, Tracy N.
Got them. Thanks for the prompt delivery, I appreciate it. I'll contact you  for more next year.
I bought these exact tickets last year for the season opener against the Rams. ...I love the seats and I have confidence in your reputation.
I don't want to buy anywhere else.

We (my family) are 9ers faithful from Riverside, Ca. We love the city
(SF) and look forward to this game every year.

Jesse A.
Believe me as far as good prices compared to stubhub, and others you have great prices!.
Thank youl!  You are very awesome!!!  This will work and we'll be the ones in red and gold at the game (hee hee). 

It is my son's first pro game and his favorite team in the world. It is an 11th birthday present for him so I really appreciate all the information you provided about the seats. It's nice to have an online seller that takes the time to explain things and does it so quickly!

I really do appreciate the 50 yard line tickets and I am sure that they will be awesome!  Also, thanks for the tip about autographs.  It is very rare to find someone in this type of business that understands customer service and what going the extra mile can actually do for future sales.  Rest assured that I will be back and so will any of my friends and colleagues looking for tickets.

Thanks again!

Troy B.
Will do. Thanks for honoring the offer. This was one of the smoothest and more enjoyable transactions I've done online (eBay included). 
Aaron S.
Just wanted to say thanks for the tickets for the 49ers game for last friday, the seats, the match and the atmosphere was great. Thanks again, Ross.
Actually, I agree with the comments above - from Troy B.  You are providing a service and taking the time to work with people definitely helps your business and make people comfortable about doing business with you. I made the purchase before having written confirmation of our agreement, but I believed you were honest! I also had an ebay seller offering 4 LE 35 yrd line tickets row 14 at $225 (but the ad was very misleading and his answers were defensive), but did not want to do business with him.

Many people will pay a little more if they feel treated fairly and someone is being honest!

Thanks again,

Brian B.
....I so appreciate your working with me on this sale. I am so very jazzed that it all worked out, and I am definitely going to be looking for my other tickets thru your website. Probably won't be able to get any for a few more days (after I get paid) but I hope that I can do so then.
Thank you so much for taking the time to work with me. You're the best!
I am a returning customer, this will be the my fourth year in a row going to the opening game and I will not buy my tickets from anyone but you. The service you provide is great with no hassles and the prices are always fair......
Thanks and let me know.
Jesse A.

6/15/07:   That is GREAT!  I think my Dad will be pleased…it has been a while since he and I have done this together and as we both get older there is no telling how many more chances there will be left.  And yes, I am also a Dad, so thanks!  Happy Father’s Day to you as well.

7/31/07:  Thanks so much for setting this up........my son is going to be thrilled!!   - Jack P.
8/16/07 -
I just wanted to thank you again for your help with the tickets.  I am looking forward to the game and promise to use your service for the next game.  Have a great evening!
Jill L.
Just wanted to touch base with you again this year.  I just purchased all 6 tickets in UR22.  I bought 2 last year and they were great seats.  This year I have a bigger group and was pleased to see that they were available.
Tim M.
8/27/07:     I'm not too familiar with the street names up there ...can you help me with the rest of the directions please :o)

P.S. I just gave my husband the tickets and he loves them :o)

9/6/07: That sounds great.  Thank you, I received the partial refund.  I will definitely have my ID on me and should be there [at Will Call]  around the same time.  

9/11/07: If you could get me the same tix for the Saints and Bengal games, I will take them. Awesome seats. - Kurt S.

I just wanted to say thanks.  Honestly I was a little nervous but I received the tickets today and we're very happy.  My husband was surprised that I found such great seats.  We've never had seats this nice before for any game!
 Thanks again and I look forward to doing business with you again.
9/7/07:  haha... MUCH APPRECIATED! I... WE (I have to start remembering that WE soon) will take you up that offer... Thank-you for all your assistance.  I guarantee we will have a GREAT time!
Go Niner's
10/25/07:  Just received the tickets.  Everything looks perfect.  Thanks again, I'll be sure to check your site for any future games.  - Simon B.
The game was definitely fun for us.  I must say that those seats were great!!  We had a great time and the surrounding season ticket holders and fans were nice.  When the Saints return to play again I will definitely look you up for ticket assistance.  Thanks again for your help with the tickets. 
Thanks for the follow up email.  I attached a couple of pictures for you in case you wanted an updated picture of what the view from section 14, row F looked like.  Feel free to pass them onto to your future customers!....
We took your advice on parking and it worked out beautifully. .... It was awesome being in Candlestick/Monster Park and we'll never forget it!  We loved the garlic fries and strawberry lemonade!  Thanks for all your help and expert advice!
-Lucy M.
11/5/07: will purchase tonight and will have our friends get in touch with you on purchase of other tix.  thanks again!  will do business in the future for sure....  Joy B.

11/6/07: Thanks for checking in.  Actually, I didn't go- my hubby and his friend went.  He had a good time and said the seats were really good.  - Jessie O.


 I definitely enjoyed the seats. Great seats! However... at the time of purchase I was thinking I would see an awesome 49er team – instead they didn’t show up..  All in all I will do business again.

Robert F                                                                                                                              

Yes!, that would be fantastic.  The same tickets as last time.  Those were phenomenal seats and I'd love to get them again.   - Francisco
hey i just wanted to send you a quick thanks for the amazing seats, great service, and quick response. we had a great time! i hope to work with you in the future.
 thanks again,
John and Gina

PS:  I read the “comments” section and really appreciated what your customers had to say.  I can echo that by telling you I really appreciate the time you have taken to ensure I make a good decision.  Not just seat choice, but my budget and the type of experience I’m looking for as well.  -- Lisa F.

I really appreciate your willingness to accept my bid... and your immediate feedback, and helpful suggestions. 
Again, thanks alot.  You've made this really simple.
Roberta R.
you guys are GREAT  thank you so much!!   
thanks again, i hope i have another opportunity to work with you in the future!  You have been super responsive, full of information and willing to work with me on pricing, I appreciate all you’ve done and you made me look like a super star with my friends.  Thank you!  marsha.
...Once again I appreciate your prompt response and your good service.....Thanks for your help, you sound like a cool and reasonable person.  Thanks,    Daniel C. 

Thank you for your extra courtesy.  My son and I have looked at the charts and feel that the tickets in LE37 are perfect for us.  What a great service you have........

I already got my refund.  You have one slick operation...... This has been the most painless and ideal way of getting tickets I have ever seen.  I got to see where I was going to be, and yes, I paid a premium, but it was worth it.
.....Feel free to use my comments as they are most sincere.  - Jon E.  

Hello.  Just wanted to give you a huge THANK YOU.  My girlfriend and I were extremely pleased with the seats we were able to purchase from your site, at a GREAT value!  You have a great service set up, and I would recommend you to all my friends.  THANKS AGAIN!!    - Gerardo R.
8/30/2008  (About the seats in UR56) 

I really enjoyed the game from our point of view.   If you have any other tickets for future games with the same seats, please let me know.    Thank you again!   --Jorge P.

8/30/2008 -   (About the seats in LB14 Row C)
....My wife liked it the most.. One of the kids was obsessed with getting on TV and liked being down low...... It was a different experience for sure.. But a good one.  Thanks again.           --Keith
...I will get back to you..thanks for responding..and you have the most professional and easiest navigating system for purchasing tickets.   -Jeannie
Yes it is a surprise gift.  Thank you so much for your help and I wanted to let you know I plan on telling everyone nice things about your service!     - Michelle B.
9/18/2008  (A customer from Mexico who came up to visit SF.)
Thank you very much, I received the tix, excellent service I'm going to recommend you.

Mensaje enviado desde mi BlackBerry de Nextel


Thank you. I will keep your information for future games. You are great to do business with.
- Celestia H.

I just wanted to thank you for the 49er tickets. It was the first time I had ever bought football tickets. I bought them for my husband, son and father in law and they said they had the best seats ever. I really appreciate it. I will be contacting you again because I know they want to go back for the niner seattle game.
Thanks again,    Tina E.

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